Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mama's Sneaky Treasure Hunt

Ya'll know I love Blockhead Radio! So we're going to have a little game....

SOMEWHERE in one of my MANY listings on my MANY shops there is a BHR Player Picture (there may be more than one..I'm not saying...) Like So:

So your mission is to visit my shops and FIND this graphic. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST where it is! Instead, email me at and tell me where you found it! Then on May 12th (the date of the Amos Lee concert..I'll be in a REALLY good mood that day!) I will choose a random winner!

Want an extra chance to win? Blog this post and leave a comment here. You can also twitter, plurk or what not about it, but come back here and leave the URL of where you promoted this giveaway. But DO NOT leave the listing where this graphic is!! EMAIL that to me at

Where can you find the graphic?
Mama's Little Monkeys on Artfire
Mama's Little Monkeys on Etsy
Fleur De Ink on Etsy
Amelia Amos Soaps on Etsy
Mama's Little Monkeys on Crobbies

So get to hunting!!

What do you WIN?

Any of my lovely bath salts found on Artfire or Amelia Amos Soaps! :) Your choice!!
Have fun and smell good!

Don't Forget to Pop a Player and tune into some excellent indie music and great artisans shows on Blockhead Radio!


Noah's Mommy said...

what a cool idea.....look at you...fabulous....

sara said...

hey mama i plurked over at plurk (duh!) this morning.


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