Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here's to a Relaxing Summer!

Hello all! I just wanted to say thanks to anyone who takes the time to read my blog! I appreciate your time spent, friendship and attention! **Strokes own feathers...**

My son is almost out of preschool for the summer so I may be less active online for a few months. As usual I have several projects...usual stalking for Blockhead Radio, my new intern position with Chris Huff and of course the shops! I will not be renewing much on the MLM Etsy Shop, but will keep renewing Fleur De Ink and have my new soap shop open, Amelia Amos Soaps! That one is more for me to refer people to for wholesale inquiries so it doesn't take much attention! New items will be mostly listed on my Artfire shop because I am really digging how AF works!

I also am staying busy with Handmade Louisiana my non profit group for artisans and musicians in and around Louisiana. It gives me an excuse to go to local concerts (Benjy Davis Project in June..Can't WAIT!) You really must check out our little blog at the link above and please give some love to Merry of Cheeseandchocolate because she works her tookus off on the group!

Throw into that mix my local wholesale sale! You can now find some of my items at the Education Station in Slidell, LA!! Right now you can get my chalk mats, crayons, and crayon rolls. Around late July you'll be able to get my nap mat covers (which will require me to start sewing them mid June, actually.) I have a TON of adorable prints and styles to choose from! If you aren't in this area, no worries, I'll have them in my Artfire shop as well!

And of course, there is the other new project I've undertaken...making sock monkeys. First I want say, I both curse and love two shops for feeding my monkey obsession and encouraging me! Elegant Hobbies and HoffeeandaNuffin are two awesome shops for sock monkeys and they were very kind in encouraging me to go ahead and try them! (They like to tease me with their new monkeys too.....naughty naughty monkey makers!) They are right, they are SOOOOOOO darn fun. I have a sewing to-do list a mile long including a stack of mama cloth that is cut out for my testers from Diaperswappers, but the monkeys have distracted me! :) I made Harrison one he promptly named Gecko (could have been the huge button eyes) and I just finished a baby monkey for my lovely pregnant neice. I'll put up the pics ASAP! :) I keep organizing fabric and 'need to sew' piles but they keep growing! Throw in the soap obsession and Im in trouble. Countdown is on til Eli can share a room with Harrison and I can have a whole room for sewing/soaping...drooooool....

So I love you guys and if I am not around as much, it is because I'm spending time with the monkeys I TRULY loves best, my boys, and am working on things behind the scenes! I hope everyone has a fantastic summer, and gets their creative mojo out and moving!! :)



~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Don't be a stranger, Awesome Amy! Be sure to keep in touch with the sewhappy one on your projects and success stories!
Hugs and Smooches!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I hope you have an awesome summer Amy and don't disappear too much k?


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