Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

As this Memorial Day Weekend approaches, I would like to share a few things. First, this lovely spotlight featuring some Patriotic inspired items!

Secondly, despite the many Memorial Day sales, picnics, vacations, etc; I challenge you this Memorial Day to truly recognize what the day means. I really don't care what your political beliefs are. I don't care if your right, left, middle of the road, hanging from an overpass..whatever. No matter what you believe in and whether you support the war or not, I feel you should support the TROOPS in this war. Let's not squabble over why they are there for one day, let's just show them the respect and appreciation they deserve, because let's face it, they don't HAVE to be there! There is no draft. They are there because they WANT to serve our country, are proud to do so and many die doing so. They protect this land from people who's only goal in life is do us harm. And for that I will constantly and always respect and appreciate them.

So I challenge you this Memorial Day to take a minute and THANK a veteran who served, pay your respects to those who died serving our country, and take notice of this beautiful land in which we live. Have you ever really stopped and looked at all the beautiful American flags flying? Really thought about what it means? Really respected what has gone into building this nation of ours? No matter what you think of any administration, current or past, soldiers have been dying for our land for a LOOOONG time now. Do we really respect that?

So take some time from your busy weekend to show some respect and appreciation to the men and women who serve us so faithfully and those who have served their time. Perhaps you can donate something to a military family? There are spouses and children who wait patiently and nervously for their loved ones to come home. Maybe those children could use a lovely new play thing? (Trust me, the military does not pay great.) Maybe there is a Vet in your neighborhood who needs help around the yard? A mother who lost her son to war who misses him dearly this time of year? Could you pay her a visit?

No matter what you do, and who you spend time with this weekend, you should appreciate them. Hug them, love them, and tell them how much they mean to you. They won't be here forever.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! God Bless America!


Auntie Dis said...

Great post! Another thing people don't realize is how many POW's and MIA's are still left on foreign soil. Their families don't know, the gov't isn't doing anything to get them back..we're talking VietNam War here. Get outraged! Fight for the men and women who fight for YOUR freedom!! From one military wife to the nation...SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Love the spotlight - and what you say is so true!

windi said...

Love your post and love the picture!!

Franni said...

Wonderful post!

Noah's Mommy said...

I loved this post....It's amazing how many forget that memorial day is not about just going to the lake...or 50% off the couch and matching loveseat.....and fab spotlight too...


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