Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fun on the Fourth and More

Summer has been pretty good so far! We've been knocking things off our Bucket List, which is good since I KNOW they will soon whine, "We didn't do ANYTHING this summer!" and I can directly point to the Bucket List.

We had some fun this Fourth of July, and I hope you all did, and took the time to remember what is really important about our countries Independence. 

 Made a yummy flag inspired dessert!

 Smoke Bombs are always a favorite, especially for Eli, he hates the noisy fireworks.

 Harrison rocking his Duck Dynasty shirt with sparklers.

 Eli, aka, Anakin Skywalker, even put on a brave face and used a sparkler.

 Managed to get a few fireworks shots!

Hope everyone had a great Fourth!!!

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