Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I always have WIP's around here. Since I do blog ahead, I admit these pics may be behind and may no longer be WIP's (Works in Progress)....but anyhoo, its gratuituous shots of yarn and fabric or home projects, so roll with it.

Last week's WIP was the lovely cowl from Frayed Knot. It was beautiful. I have to make some adaptations for my next one because I don't like a lot around my neck, and I live in Louisiana, so a light weight yarn is better, but I had to try with this awesome blue yarn I snagged on clearance. (Deborah Norville "Lagoon".) You can get the pattern for the cowl in her Shop.

And it's finished!!

I'm a sucker for shell stitches and flowers...I love it. I'm thinking it'd make a great blanket pattern too!!

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