Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three Weeks Left??

There are three weeks until school starts. THREE WEEKS? Perhaps you read that with a sense of dread and the sound of a mother on the edge.

Ahhh, but you would be mistaken grasshopper...I am actually saying that with a sense of disbelief. Summer has flown by so that there are only THREE WEEKS left until school starts!!?? Yes, summer is wearing thin...I'm running out of ideas that I WANT to do, let alone that I CAN do (Pinterest is great, but only goes so far...)

We've done some awesome things just in the past week!

"Magic Doorway" of crepe paper streamers.

Sponge Water Bombs.

Playing with a cheap, huge Frisbee.

But something great happened today...my older one..H, my "glass is half empty, this sucks" kid, said to me, "Mom, I like when you do all the cool stuff for us like the magic doorway and the water bombs and water bed. Thanks." He usually only shows appreciation when he's sucking up. That's when he walks up and hugs me and says, "you're the best mommy ever, I love you." I have to watch myself, I tend to be worn out when he does this, tired of his whining for something he can't have, or just overall "too busy"...and I too often look at this as his sucking up and say, "ugh what do you want NOW?"

How would I feel if I was on the receiving end of that? No matter his motivation, even if it is selfish and he's trying to get something out of me, I am a grown up, I can say no to whatever it is. But before that, because he said those words to me, I should stop, hug him back and say "Thanks buddy, you're a pretty awesome kid yourself." And I do, a lot of the time. But sometimes I don't...I'm human.

So it was nice to hear that he appreciated the time it takes for me to do the fun stuff. He knows I work from home and I cram a lot into one day. He knows he drives me batty but he's glad I try.

So I hope I make the next three weeks the best three weeks of his summer!!

Back in May I wrote a Pinterest Planned Summer. Let's see how I did so far!

Original List:

*Glow sticks in the bathtub

*Balloon tennis

*Plastic sheet cover your homework sheets=dry erase.

*Make an obstacle coarse with crape paper streamers. They crawl and step over all of it while trying not to touch the streamers.

*Go Dollar Store shopping. Give them each 5 bucks and they're in heaven.

*Tear drop volcanoes. Put baking soda on a tray. Fill paper cups with vinegar and food color. Use a dropper to create fizzy foam!

~~~~~~From my head~~~~

*Join the summer library reading program.

*Go swimming.

*Have Pajama Day, complete with blankets, pillows, a movie.

*Have a lemonade and freezie pop stand. 
We made four bucks!!

*Discounted movie trips

*Visit the little local beaches on the lake.

*Sculpt with air dry clay

*Make rainbows and suns from paper plates and tissue paper (or crepe paper)

*Visit Culinary Kids

* Eat LOTS of snowballs!

~~~~~From Various Pins and Blogs~~~~

*Cup Race.

*Use pool noodles to hit blown up balloons.

*Nerf Gun Shooting Range

*Craft sticks and vecro for making letters and shapes.

*Tin Foil River


So we've done a lot so far! Three more weeks to have a lot more fun!!! Also, a little time to stop and smell the flowers....


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