Monday, April 30, 2012

Year Without Wal-Mart Update

Well, here we are, almost May 1st. I am happy to say I have stepped foot in Wal-Mart only ONE TIME thus far this year!! In case you missed it, I decided at the start of the year to do a "Year Without Wal-Mart". Not because I had some personal beef with the company, but just to see if I could and how it would affect my spending.

Thus far, I can't see a difference spending wise. My husband says I'm spending more, but that's not what I see upon checkout. My Walmart purchases were usually in the 115-150 range every time I did weekly shopping, usually with a supplemental trip there (or elsewhere) for 40-50. I seem to be doing the same, just elsewhere.

I honestly haven't felt a difference other than I do enjoy going to the actual grocery stores more. We have a local chain of stores only in the Louisiana area, and they are locally founded with local produce and other items. It's very clean, neat, and the employees are all very pleasant and nice.

So overall, it's going well. I feel like I"m being more careful with my purchases because some things ARE more costly at regular grocery stores, but I also feel like I buy more healthy foods and less quickie foods. And I'm putting money into the local economy more so than a huge chain.  I really have no issue with Wal-Mart, I just wanted to see did shopping there REALLY save me more money. I honestly don't think so. Because often I was lured into the non food sections and buying all sorts of things I didn't REALLY need.

Now if I could curb my Target obsession...

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