Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why We MUST Remember

This is a difficult weekend for all Americans, no doubt. Ten years have passed since 9/11. Ten years since we all heard the news that our country was under attack and our lives would forever be changed. Ten years since we went to bed truly fearing for our safety and lives...perhaps for the first time. Ten, long years have passed since thousands of families were torn apart. Thousands died that day, some died later one, those who helped try to rescue from illnesses caused by working in the damage and rubble of what was once two, tall, strong towers--symbols of American ingenuity.

It's been ten years.

The footage will no doubt be all over TV, replays, tributes, reading of the names. As it should be. Perhaps this will be too hard for you to watch. I respect that. Perhaps you lost someone in the terrorist attack or even perhaps you survived it. For that, I will continue to pray for you and your family every night.

Perhaps some say we shouldn't inundate ourselves with the footage, we need to move past, we need to carry on. I believe we are doing that, every day that we get up and are thankful for what we have. Every day we get up and give thanks to the soldiers who protect us, the first responders who tried to save their fellow man, and say prayers for those who passed.

But we should not ever hide from this memory, this tribute, the footage. If we hide, try to pretend that 9/11 is not a bitter part of our lives, then we let the terrorists win. If we FORGET the lives lost, the tragedy that shook our nation to it's core...then we have let down the people who's very lives were snuffed out that horrible day.

The mantra soon after 9/11 was "We Will Never Forget" (or various versions of that sentence.) But if we shelter our children from this event, if we do not discuss it, remember the victims, and if we do not continue to be proactive in protecting our country from it happening again, we WILL have FORGOTTEN.

There is nothing wrong with going about your day, playing with your children, going to church, laughing, and just living your life. If anything, we MUST do that....and show appreciation for it EVERY DAY out of respect for those who can longer do that due to their untimely death or due to them being thousands of miles away protecting our freedoms.

But while you do your daily chores and live your life, not just today but EVERY day, say a prayer for others. Pray for those you know and love, and pray for those you don't know. Pray for our enemies. Pray they find peace. Pray that we never have to endure this type of tragedy again, but that if we do, pray that future generations will not forget US and will make sure the memories never die.

I Will Never Forget.


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