Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crocheting A Long

I'm participating in a Crochet a Long with the lovely Scotti from InnerHooker.  You can find the details of the how-to's on her blog OxfordFamily.
The challenge is a full size sunburst granny square afghan. Now, I just started crocheting (or hooking!) about two months ago. I absolutely love it. Why I didn't pick up knit and crochet before sewing, I don't know. For so long I didn't allow myself to learn because my time is stretched thin as is. But, let me tell you, as much as I love fabric and sewing, I think if I'd started yarn work first, I'd never have bought a sewing machine! I mean, a craft you can do sitting on your butt while watching tv??? SOLD!

Anyways, I think another reason I enjoy it, is it's purely for me, for fun, for practice. I'm sure I'll make little cotton face cloths and stuff to send out as freebies on orders, but I have no plans (yet!) to sell the things I crochet. Perhaps one day, but for now, it's just fun, a great way to learn and so fun to buy yarn! And SO Much cheaper than sewing!! Yes, yarn can be expensive, but you can get a lot of projects out of a skein of yarn, especially when compared to fabric, machine, notions, etc.

SO, here is my progress on the crochet a long! First pics are week one. Second batch are week two, and I will hopefully start week three soon!

What are you creating lately?? :)~~Amy


Heather said...

Awesome progress! I would love to join you too but my crafting schedule is FULL! lol I've just finished knitting some socks & am working on a hexagon charm quilt- these are personal projects... business projects is a whole other topic! :D

The Oxford Family said...

Looks awesome!! So happy you are joining us!


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