Sunday, September 18, 2011

Meanie Mommy Cooking

That's IT. I'm DONE. I'm tired of attempting to please the masses. I think I live with one of the pickiest families on the face of this earth.

The youngest, HAH, I'd do better listing what he DOES eat than what he doesn't.
The oldest, he's slowly learning but still dinner is a battle.
The oldest, who-should-know-better-and-should-be-legally-obligated-to-like-what-I-cook-no-matter-what-because-he-married-me-damnit, is pretty picky himself. As a good friend says, my husband has an "untested palate."

So, perhaps I should not try to appease them anymore. I find tons of great recipes and I don't bother because I know they won't like them.
NO MORE. I am the one buying the groceries, putting them away, planning the menu, cooking, prepping, storing, blah blah blah, it's MY turn to cook what I want. (deju vu again, I feel like I've written this post before...oh well...if I can't remember, surely you can't...)

Since I am addicted to Pinterest, I'm going to continue to try more of those recipes. Now, if you know me, or have read this at all, you realize I am NOT a huge cook. I LOVE to bake, but hate to cook. Like I say, it's way more fun to do it when the end results has chocolate. But, we do need to eat and eat relatively healthy. So, here's the new rules:

*You have two choices:
1. Eat it and be grateful there is food on your plate.

2. Don't eat it and be grateful you were offered food on your plate. Then leave the room without complaint. Kitchen is closed after you leave the room.

That's it. Plain and simple. I may very well just write these rules on a sign in the kitchen.
Now I admit sometimes even the stuff I make, *I* don't like. That's cool. When it's an epic fail we can all eat cereal. But for the most part, it's not half bad.

So eat it, or get out my kitchen and shut up.

Meanie Mommy Menu is ON like donkey kong.



Pegasus Soaps said...

Boy does this bring back memories. I only had one son and pleasing him was the hardest of it all. Talk about picky eater. I said the same thing, be grateful you have food on the table then run the line about people in Africa and other poor countries would kill for this little bit of food.

Ange said...

That has basically been the rule in our house forever.
You eat what you are given. Period. I am not making four different meals. And if you don't eat/finish your dinner, no snacking after. You are done eating until breakfast. Having said that, if I experiment and it really is awful, exceptions are made. I also don't cook things that I know someone doesn't like (like mushrooms), or if I add something like that, you are allowed to pick them out.
I don't think you are being mean. I think you are saving your own sanity.

Amy said...

You are mean - hope you can outlast them! ;-) Remember, they don't have to like it - they just have to eat it. I'm mean too.

BTW, there are such wonderful ideas for inexpensive, easy meals on Pinterest!

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Oh man I LOVE me some pinterest!! Yes, several nights in and the kids havent' eaten much dinner. Oh well, they aren't starving!!


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