Friday, October 22, 2010

Social Networking Break Review

Day One:
So, when you read this I'll have completed my social networking break.

I'm already somewhat failing! Due to checking my email once a day (I do have businesses to run here!) I see Facebook I HAD to reply to one on my page about Amos Lee's new album coming out Jan. 25th..I mean come on...AMOS! I'd have that man's babies for crying out loud.

But I digress....I have mostly avoided social networking today....just that quick facebook check, one quick plurk and done. It was easy this morning....I was running errands with my father! It's not so easy now with the computer RIGHT THERE and kid asleep. BUT I am on a mission. I must reconnect with myself, my disorganized house, my pile of fabric and naturally my children.

Etsy team chat tonite for my Handmade Louisiana team so I shall pop in there for a bit (I am the boss after all..) I have to admit...this is harder than you realize. You don't realize how much you depend on the internet and social networking until you don't have it. As a stay at home mother many of my friends are far away and the net is the only way for us to communicate. But, I grew up without social networking, I can do it again!!!

Cheerio my friends, thanks to my SN boycott I will hopefully get the following things accomplished this week:
* Girls night in with a friend
* Trip to children's museum with Eli
* Sewing and craft show prep done
* Purging the children's ever multiplying toys
* Visiting local antique/craft show this weekend

So I'm off to listen to Pandora (Lionel Richie/Neil Diamond station...I AM that awesome...) and get some cleaning done!!!

Day Two:
I had to substitute so I didn't really have time to worry about the net...although I did cheat and check facebook while the kids were sleeping.... But I kept busy that afternoon and night cleaning, creating, etc! Success!

Day Three:
Ran errands with my dad....cheated and checked plurk daily (had to to keep my karma up right!??) Only checked Facebook when I got an email from them...darn emails. Kept up with the shops...started to feel the distance.

It's weird but social networking really does help you feel connected....I really don't think I could stay home all day with out. I mean, I'm no party animal, and I do like my hermit times, but I am generally a people person and like to run my mouth...a facebook, plurk, twitter, etc helps me do that and not feel alone while at home with a 2 yr old!

Day Four:
Caved....couldn't take it anymore....Had cool stuff to show my friends and gave in...but I made it 4 days on a semi break and I could do it again. I did learn that what you need is not allow online time to overshadow human time....never push people away because you want to check facebook just ONE MORE TIME....

Read a book while you wait in your kid's car line, chit chat with a stranger at the store instead of talking on the phone. Social networking and technology has it's uses and we enjoy it, but don't forget the real good stuff in life too!
~~Mama Amy

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PussDaddy said...

I haven't been online much lately either. I can't say that I miss any of it either.



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