Monday, October 11, 2010

Impatient Craftaholic Series---Upcycle Baby Shirt Pillows

Helloooooooooo I'm back! It's time for another Impatient Craftaholic tutorial! This is a super fast craft for anyone with even simple sewing skills!

Let's make this little fella!

Old baby/kids shirt or onesie.
Sewing Machine (not required)
Thread (coordinating or contrasting the neck hem color)
Hand Sewing Needle

(Helpful links are found within the steps.)

Step One:
Lay out your shirt on your cutting mat. If it's a onesie, you can cut a straight cut at the bottom of the shirt to open the onesie snap seam. Smooth and flatten the shirt so you can line it up as you wish.

Step Two:
Turn the shirt inside out and again smooth it so the design is centered (if you'd like).  Pin along the bottom seam so you can keep things even. Don't be frightened if the fabric is a stretchy knit. Tips for sewing knits at the bottom.

Step Three:
Straight stitch (or serge if you have a serger) along the bottom seam. Since this is a finished piece of clothing, you can use the hem stitches already there as a guide if you'd like!

Step Four:
Sew a straight stitch (or serge) along the open ends of the sleeves. You are sewing up all openings EXCEPT the neck. So now you have an inside out, nearly sewn up pillow!

Step Five:
Flip your shirt right side out and push out your corners and seams.

Step Six:
Head for the stuffing!! I love Morning Glory Polyester Fiberfill, but you can use whichever you like.

Begin stuffing the shirt through the open neckhole.

Step Seven:
Continue stuffing the "body" of the shirt with fiberfill, filling to the size you want...whether you want a thin vs. thick pillow. Be sure to sort of fluff the fiberfill before you shove it in the shirt or it will bind up and make little balls. Stuff and fluff to the desired size of your pillow. Be sure to stuff the little arms too!

Step Eight:
So now you have a stuffed pillow with an open neckhole. Here is where you need to hand sew the opening closed. Thread your needle. Hand sew your neckhole, shoving the fiberfill in so it doesn't catch in the needle and thread as you sew. You can grasp the neckhole closed with your hand, or by pinning it. The type of stitch you use is up to you. I used a blanket stitch. You can find more stitches here.

I used a contrasting thread that matched the body of the shirt but added some color to the neckhole. You choose your thread!

That's it, you're done!! You've just sewn a baby shirt pillow in no time flat! Even with hand sewing and stuffing I made this pillow in less than 30 minutes!

This pillow was a onesie with long sleeves! I cut off the longer sleeves and cut a straight line at the bottom for my hem!

The good thing about this pillow is it doesn't need to be perfect! When sewing with knits here are some tips:
*Pin or clip frequently.
*Use a microtex or ball point needle
*Use a walking foot if the fabric is really thick.

Enjoy!! Feel free to share this tutorial!

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