Saturday, October 16, 2010

(Mostly) Internet Free's break time again!

Wow, over 300 posts on this blog! I'm impressed with myself!

It is that time where I take a social networking break. It won't be a total internet break because I do have to tend to my shops and business doo dads...but I will not be on plurk, facebook, twitter, etc for a bit. Hopefully I can make a week...not sure if my perserverance is that strong! I like to step away, refocus on thoughts, create, read, etc and take a break from the little addiction known as the internet...

Soooooo, I hope you all have a lovely few days...I shall hopefully be spending time, reading, creating, rearranging shops and focusing on the upcoming craft fair. I also have to do some much needed cleaning, purging, and things to do for the children!
I will still check email once a day so you can catch me there! :)


Franni said...

A week without Amy is like a week without sunshine :( I will manage somehow

PussDaddy said...

Bye little monkey friend! Enjoy your time off!


Michael said...

Enjoy your time off!


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