Monday, June 7, 2010

Stuck in a rut....

I have NO idea what to blog about anymore! I'm stuck. Writer's block to the extreme!! I just sit here...thinking..what the hell can I tell these people that I haven't already said??  So what do I write about?

The Oil Gusher? Scoff! I can't even write that calmly enough...although I suspect in time I will. (I do encourage you to check out where we are donating all our profits to oil spill cleanup!)

The kids? I could write about them, but does anyone even read it? You know Eli has Autism and Harrison has sensory issues...what else can I write about? Is this the dilema of social networking, we're all SO connected we've got no secrets anymore?

So what if I wrote about a secret? Well then it'd be out forever in cyberland and surely come back to bite me?

I could tell you I made up with PussDaddy awhile back. But it was really uneventful...we just chatted, she's a nice person and although I'll never necessarily agree with HOW she says things, she admitted she misjudged me and things got out of hand. She's a good person and I wish her the best. See, that's not even that exciting!!

Music?  Ya'll know I love my musicians...but most of them no one has ever heard of. So I'll tell ya I saw an awesome Amos Lee show back in April and a equally awesome Marc Broussard show in May. Click those links...hear their tunes. Enjoy the vibe.

Sewing/Crafts/Selling? Ah heck if I haven't pimped myself out to ya'll enough yet, you don't read this anyways!! What's new? Um, I opened 2 new Etsy shops (SHOCK I know). Badge Reels for fabric covered badge reels and Micro Mops is a shop collab with my friend Dee and a place for budget friendly cleaning products :)

Sooooooooooooo what does that leave me? Politics? Ehh not enough energy today. Religion? Not enough time.....Quantum Physics? Sure...right.

So I've got nothing left right now but THIS:
Disposable diapers that look like jeans....
Stupid? Funny?


Stitches In Cotton said...

Well for not having anything to say, you sure did say a lot. :)

YEAH for Micro Mops! I'm so excited and can't wait to show everyone our super awesome ideas that haven't come to fruition yet.

As for the disposable diaper I think it's awesome, but I think it would be better as a cloth diaper. :)

Anne said...

Have you seen the commercials for those diapers yet? "The best you'll ever look pooping your pants" I almost fell over I was laughing so hard

PussDaddy said...

Hmmm. Well I thought it was a bit exciting. :-)


mamaslittlemonkeys said...

LOL Pussdaddy...we did talk some crap didn't we? LOL literally!

I could get a pool of jello for us to reenact the fight in...wonder if that would be interesting enough for ppl?

Walk in the Woods said...

I think maybe you jumped the rut with this post.

As for the diapers ... stupid or funny? They're "disposable."

PussDaddy said...

yeah we did. But in the end it was worth it I guess. :-)
This was probably the nicest fight I ever had with anybody, lol. Plus even when it was happening I couldn't be mad because I was like she is funny AND she uses her own name, so I had to respect that.


mamaslittlemonkeys said...

I'm glad it happened! :) I gained a furry friend!
And yes, Rose I agree, I think this post might have fixed my rut! Just wait..I GOT the jeans diapers and YES I am taking pics!

PussDaddy said...

I kinda like the jeans diaper.


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