Friday, June 11, 2010

Stylish Poop....

Who knew Jeans Diapers could get me out of my blogging rut??

Yup, I bought the Jeans Diapers. I had could I not?? I'm also contemplating buying a pack in every size and hanging on to them in case they do become desired and then pawning them off on Ebay for a higher price....I suppose that could be wrong..but ehhh, if you want an item enough you'll pay for it right???

Ok enough about evil world domination plans via cheesey diapers...

I did get em. (Smartly purchased with my CVS card for a discount!). I gotta admit...they're cute. See my child likes to be pretty much naked as is, and seeing as we live in "Oh my God, can it get any hotter" Louisiana, Eli usually just sports a diaper anyway. (I have visions of him reading this when he's 16...ahh good times..)

Anyhoo..I got at least one pack and here is my man sporting them...sorry for the bleh camera takes horrible inside shots.

I think they're pretty cute...not something I'd buy all the time. Honestly I wish he'd still wear cloth diapers. I LOVED doing cloth but around 14-16 months when his "Autisms" started to really come out, he decided he was NOT wearing cloth and threw a fit each time I put them on. (he hates all diapers as it is!) So I had to pick my battles and go back to sposies.

Now I wanna see a Jeans Cloth Diaper!! Come on diaper makers of the world...make it work!!


OMG they DOOOOOO have jeans cloth diapers!! HOW FREAKING CUTE!!!!! GO check this shop out!


Stitches In Cotton said...

Yeah rut ended! That pic of him by the kitchen is ADORABLE! I'm glad you found one in cloth.
When mine were that little they never wore any clothes during the summer either. It was always hot in my house because we couldn't afford $250 for electric.

Cat said...

That is way cool! *lol*

coltpixy said...

He is such a beautiful child and those jean diapers are adorable!

M said...

He's a beautiful child and those are cool. I'm glad you were able to find something for both of you.

MommyP said...

So CUTE!!! Stephen runs around in his underwear most days during the summer. Nothing wrong with a little guy running around mostly nekkid. Now, when he's 10, he should probably put some pants on.

Sherry said...

Hi I work at Toys R US and I was there today and they ahve them but it does say for a limited time only though I owuld let you know if you want more better grab them.

Crazysocks :) said...

I was tempted to buy a pack of those jeans sposies... but I don't like Huggies. Maybe Pampers or Luvs will make something stylish too... lol


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