Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Almost SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone sing it with me now...School's Out for Summer!! School's Out For EVER!
Ahhhh. Freedom is almost so close I can taste it. Easing back into the working world at Harrisons' school has been a tad hard for me. I enjoy the job very much even if there is that one person who tries to make your life hell (isn't there ALWAYS that one no matter where you go?) But no matter where you go or what you do, returning the work force after 4 years off to raise babies is hard! But for the most part I've enjoyed it, made friends with some awesome people, and would go back if my position comes back (not sure on that part...hopefully will know next week...)

But as much as I do enjoy the job (ok and the money)...I do miss my life at home! I miss being with Eli all day, and having my time to sew and craft! My handmade business had gotten to a comfortable steady selling point when I had to go back to work. So I'm looking forward to my summer! I hope it's filled with crafting, swimming boys, ice cream and snowballs!

Naturally I have big plans this summer...and little time to do them in! I will probably barely make a dent in my fabric pile!! (especially if I keep BUYING IT!) But here are some things on my to do list:

1. Make more red heel sock monkeys, using up all my red heel socks. 
2. Make more stuffed rocket loveys in various shapes because I have lots of cool prints for them, waiting!
3. Make a HUGE pile of swiffer pads because those are my best sellers and I need a nice stockpile done to last me awhile!
4. Sew a cute smocked dress for me!! (this is supposed to be done by May 28th, our work party but um yeah...)
5. Make Saints soap to be ready for football season reopening of my soap shop, Amelia Amos
6. Play around with the cricut, stamping and paper--just for fun!
7. Make more fabric yo yos and buttons...of course...because I can't stop!

What are your summer plans? I probably won't get to half of this list but it's nice to dream!!

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Heather said...

Good luck on your To-Do List!

I have a lot to do too as I'll be preparing for my first craft show this fall. :)


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