Monday, February 15, 2010

What Mama Made Lately....

After several weeks of only sewing Swiffer pads as they sold, and having NO time to sew for ME and for fun, I got in the sewing cave the past two days! I'm in a bit of a pickle as of course I have WAY too much fabric. Yet I can't make more of certain items (beau beau bags for example) until the current ones start selling! Yet I keep buying fabric. (Ahem, see, SupplyaHolics) So I was happy to enjoy my Mardi Gras break by sewing!! One more day tomorrow, WITH the hubs home so I hope to get in there again!

Here's what I made lately:

Fabric covered bead bracelet :)

Fabric covered necklace:

My first attempts at box bags:

I totally messed up the direction of the print but now I'll know! :)

Thus ends what Mama made lately...


Walk in the Woods said...

Wow ... you've been productive. What fun!

Michael said...

I am loving the bracelet and necklace! Awesome!!!

Amanda said...

That fabric covered beaded bracelet and necklace are awesome!!!!


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