Thursday, February 4, 2010

Operation Simplify Update

So. I have a new job starting Monday. That is probably the opposite of my Operation Simplify plan but I am going to learn to roll with it. It's a 'temp' job that ends in May so there is an end in sight. It means extra money that is much needed in our household. The job is at my sons' school so he literally goes to work with me, 8am-3pm. How sweet is that? It's with a company I used to work for from 2002-2006, so I'm familar with everything (although the job itself is new to me).

The job may turn into something permanent in the fall when they open a new center ( but we shall see. A lot depends on my mother in law being willing to continue to watch Eli, because even if I could afford daycare, we can't just put him anywhere. Him having Autism makes me far less willing to put him in any old daycare (particularly when you work for one of the top rated child care programs in the COUNTRY you're a little pickier about child care..) But if he's not with someone who understands his Autism, he can have regressions. Since he's doing AWESOME, I'm not willing to take that chance.

So when Moms isn't around, Grandma is just as good :) God Bless my mother in law. Even though she may drive me batty sometimes, she loves those boys will all her heart and is always there when we need her. Grandma's rock!

Now you may ask, how can adding a full time job simplify your life? Well for one, it will probably force me to give up even more in the handmade/online world. Much of what's for sale in my shops is done and ready to ship. So this will force me to be pickier about what I spend time making when I DO have time to create (weekends and holidays. I sense a Spring Break of sewing for me!)

At this point... we needs da money! So I shall make it work..somehow..someway!

And the best part is...I get a desk! A real live desk!! I've never had a job like that before! And I can wear almost grown up clothes (could be pulled into a classroom at any given moment) and be around adults! Talk about things besides diapers and autism!

Now...don't go thinking ya'll can get rowdy while I'm gone.
Don't make the Drama Llama mad...


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