Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Year Almost Over..

Wow. Another year is almost done. We are literally about to start 2010! It just can't be. Yet it is!

It's been quite a year for me! This time last year I was getting the wonderful news that I did NOT have Multiple Sclerosis as I had been told I did months before. (Guess I just have odd things on my brain, no surprise.) Overall our family's health has been good and we had some changes.

Most importantly Eli was diagnosed with autism, explaining a lot of things about him. He's done well on the GFCF diet and it's a relief to know what is wrong. He's very high functioning (which can be a downfall at times because people just think he's a bad behaved child in the midst of a tantrum.) and he shows great potential for 'recovery'. The downside of all that is our insurance company didn't cover any of his testing so we're back in debt again.

But there is absolutely no room for complaining! Even though money is super tight, Paul has a job, and if need be I have no doubt God will help me find one. My businesses have the potential of actually helping supplement our income instead of just a hobby. We have a home, our health, family and friends.

We don't actually celebrate Christmas in our house, but I understand how it makes many people feel, more open to appeciating the things they have. So I challenge you to really sit back and look at what blessings you have and give thanks for them. Give your family a hug, learn to appreciate the possessions you DO have and not lust after things you don't need (trust me, this one is hard!) and enjoy the little things in life!

How was your year?

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