Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh It's Hot. Oh so Hot.

Thank you for air conditioning! I have been a tad busy with orders, writing for Handmade News (yes I'm THAT awesome...) and ridding the world of all injustices..so I've slacked in my blogging. Please don't beat me with a wet noodle. And the kid is home for summer...so you see my perdicament.
And it's HOT. SOOOOOO HOT! But we must sweat on! November is getting closer every day (my favorite month!)

What are you creating this hot summer season? Anything cool and refreshing!? I took a break and made some PIF banners in my AF Shop

and I'm nearly done with the stack of nap mat covers for my local wholesale order!

Ooooh and the Michael Miller fabric came in...it is soooo pretty. Some is for sale in my Artfire Shop but most of it is MINE ALL MINE! (shh, don't tell anyone I roll around in the fabric at night laughing maniacally).

My niece is due to have her 3rd baby in August/September (third baby...can't pin that down to one month!! LOL) and I'm getting her stack of handmade goodies going! As co-host of the baby shower I can't wait to create the rubber duck soaps and printed soaps as favors!!

So that's what's up so for for me, what's on your summer schedule? Vacation? Yummy treats? Prepping inventory for holiday season?



storybeader said...

Strawberries! One of my favorite ingredients for summer smoothies!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I agree with Deb - pretty much ALL of my smoothies have strawberries!


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