Monday, June 15, 2009

A Monkey, A Witchy and a Plurk Walk into a bar...

Not sure if you've taken note, but I have grown weary of keeping mum on certain activities online. I have decided I am done keeping quiet on situations I feel strongly about.

One such situation is my feelings for Etsy. I've been on the fence about them for awhile. I am debating my future on that venue. Now you know I am a venue whore and will try them all. Some I stay at, some I don't. (Please don't get me started on 1,000 Markets.)

Let me interject...if you sell on any venue I do not sell on, or a venue I have a problem with, keep in mind, that will NOT stop me from purchasing from you! (Okay well, maybe 1KM because I don't dig the Amazon Payments.) So I FULLY Support you selling on whatever venue you want to! Sell wherever you can!! Sell where you can make money!! I absolutely believe in that!

I however, am disillusioned with Etsy and tired. Tired of admins closing threads, tired of front page favoritism, tired of Etsy fails such as the SEO Meta Tag debacle, tired of the venue not listening to its sellers. NOne of this means I am tired of Etsy sellers (well maybe a few...) Etsy sellers are some of the greatest artisans around!

And of those artisans, a few have decided to join me in my protest.

Now one can argue that because I have multiple shops this protest won't really matter to me! That is likely true. I sell on Artfire as my main venue now. I do maintain two other Etsy shops, and I shall explain them. The flower pens shop is a unique niche that I basically just maintain. No more relisting. (Or listing of new items.) The soap shop is actually just for wholesale inquiries. If the soap sells, great. If not...guess what, it's on my Artfire shop too!

So yes, I guess technically this protest might not make one bit of difference for my 'main' Etsy shop. And isn't that sad?? Due to Etsy's practices, that shop won't get found ANYWAY, so will it really matter?

But I are the artisans willing to join in the protest.

Who can now be found at:

Who can now be found at:

Who Can Now Be Found at:

Who can now be found at:

So join us in this protest if you wish, it's okay if you don't!

I will support you no matter where you sell!

And many thanks to the artist that inspired this:

No, this probably won't make even a drop in the bucket of change. But it makes ME feel better and I am proud of the artisans who are pushing for change, no matter where or how they do it!

Want to sell with less of a headache? Just go to Artfire. You'll thank me later.

Amy, climbing down off my ladder so you can now beat me with baby seals.


AliciaMae said...

I added the shops to the Former Etsy Sellers Squidoo lens. (There is a list on there of the other shops for those that are still on Etsy, too.) Any other Etsy sellers who have other shops, wherever they may be, should stop by there and leave a note so they can be included. I plan on keeping up with it and futher dividing it when necessary so it's easy on buyers/browsers to find the moved shops.

sara said...

girl you know I dont do anything with my etsy shop! Its all artfire baby!!!

Katie said...

I have a shop in both etsy and artfire (bluebeadle on both). They have the exact same things, and I make very very sure I don't sell something that I don't have anymore. I'm so trying to figure out which venue is best for me. Being mostly's tough everywhere. I get move views on Artfire, but a ton more sales on Etsy. Maybe I'll just keep them both up :) I do love that Artfire seems more fair in the showing items department, and it is super easy to list!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I hope they fix things soon! And good for you for standing up for what you believe in :)

pinkgirlee said...

I was going back and forth with going on Artfire, but thank you for the insight - I've made my decision

Valerie said...

I have been tired of Etsy too. I am really digging Artfire. It is like a bad relationship, you don't know how badly you are being treated, until you find a nicer boyfriend.

Cand said...

I'm a supply seller, so I'm not sure how well Artfire would work for me, but I can absolutely agree that Etsy has become a place I'd rather not associate with.

Good for you for standing up for yourself and trying to spread the word.

Oh...and LOVE Valerie's comment!

Glasstastic Treasures said...

Right on. Add me to the list! United we stand! Like they care :(


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