Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CPSIA Law Will hurt us ALL, not just handmade artists!

Ok ya'll. I am ALL for children's safety 100%! I am a mother and of course I want my boys to be safe and sound. But I am also a handmade artist. And I am responsible enough to know that my supplies and items are SAFE and SOUND for young children! I mean, fabric? Come on!!! Why would there be lead in my fabric?????

So here is what YOU can do! Write your lawmakers, fight this stupid law! Ask them to AMMEND the law! It is necessary but it should be exempt for handmade artists who buy their supplies from reputable sources!

Here is more info:
Please read, fight this and help save handmade!

And it isnt just handmade affected!

Who do you think will pay for the big companies testing?? YOU WILL! Every children's product will go up and up and be more expensive to make, thus more costly for ANYONE buying children's items!
SO this does not just affect artists!! It affects us ALL as citizens who need to fight big government!!

Do your part!!

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Amariah said...

I hope this law doesn't go into effect. I don't make items for kids myself, but I know a lot of people who do.


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