Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weekly Featured Artist..this week it's....

Modest Milk! I found this great shop just by searching around Etsy, which I rarely get a chance to do! (Search Etsy to shop and browse? You mean other Etsy sellers can do that!?)

Well I REALLY WISH I'd found this shop when I was first nursing Eli!! This stuff would come in mighty handy! And although I could probably sew most of it myself...sometimes you just don't wanna!! :)

So she shared a little with us, enjoy! And click her pics to see the items up close and personal. Surely everyone knows a nursing mother or pregnant woman who could use this stuff!

Long Live Mama Milk!!

* What is your shop name and URL?
Modest Milk

* What type of items do you sell?
I sell a variety of items for the breastfeeding mother. Nursing cover clips, nursing bras, reminders, pads and toys. Anything to encourage moms as they breastfeed their kiddos!

* What is your FAVORITE item to make?
My favorite things to make are items for people when I know their story, a mother who is finally able to breastfeed after struggling for a long time. Or a special gift for someone who is just starting out. Creating for me is about contributing to someones story and journey with their child when I know a piece of that when I create then the creation process for me comes alive.

* How and Why You got started on Etsy?
I first got started one etsy when my dear friend and I decided to open a shop together. We'd both been crafting for awhile but the idea of a business license was a bit frightening so we took the plunge holding hands, so to speak, and since have branched off into our own little shops. One of my passions when I started selling on etsy was to connect and encourage other moms to nurture their kids through affordable items and friendly communication. One of my favorite parts selling here is the community aspect. Many of my sellers ask me questions or tell me about their experiences which makes working with etsy more then just crafting or a business but the ability to join in with other people right where they are at. I love it!

* One piece of advice for an Etsy Newbie:
My advice for an Etsy Newbie is to do your research before you set up shop. Hang out in the forums and look at what does and doesn't work with shops. Then when you open your shop participate in the forums and seek out advice on your products, when you find your niche take great pictures and renew often until you have some exposure. Etsy is a big place so make it easy for people to find you!

* What is on your wish list as a buyer and seller?
As a seller I have a long wish list of supplies I'd love to get and ways I'd like to increase my product line. As a buyer I've had my eye on these for awhile: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16781551 There is something so fun about tatoo socks. I guess it is a bit of the wild side in me.

* Tell us a little about your non Etsy life:
I am a mom to three girls. Marylou Janice is waiting for me in heaven and her twin sister Providence Joy is now two and a half and recently potty trained (yeah!). My youngest daughter, Rosemary Hope is 10 months old and is so close to walking. I enjoy teaching pre-school to my daughters, playing games with my husband and anything outdoors. My family can be found backpacking and kayaking in the summers and enjoying outdoor fire pits in the winter. I am passionate about helping parents with preemies and those who have lost children at a young age and so I create care baskets for NICU moms and am involved in some counseling groups as a volunteer to help others who have experienced loss. I am also very excited about helping women learn to breastfeed and guest speak on breastfeeding your preemie at several hospitals in the area. You may also catch me teaching a class or two on American Sign Language or interpreting select events. I like to keep busy.

* Where else can we find you?
If you visit Australia you'll see my Modest Milk Clips in a boutique but if your not in the area you can find me at

I wish I'd found THESE when I was first nursing and before I blew a life savings in Lansinoh!

Are just downright genius and adorable!!

And this one is just because I think breastfeeding should be celebrated and rejoiced!!

So if you know anyone would need or want these items, pass along this blog and her shop!

Oh and of course...should you want to get a nursing pillow or baby bib, or other baby items....come see me!! :)
Mama's Little Monkeys


MadeByJade said...

I know what you mean...I wish this would have been availible to me 22 to 15 years ago. Man has it been that long???

Anonymous said...

PS: I tagged you on my blog! lol! Check it out... play along, have fun!

TannerCustomCraft said...

awesome shop! I will defiitely have to keep her in mind with the new one!

Jazzy Jemz said...

I love shops that support milk mamas!

I tagged you, check out my blog about it. It seems like a fun game

Kelly Boss said...

great idea! yeah, for mommies milk !!
and TAG...your it! ;)


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