Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Featured Artist This Week---WISH LIST TIME!

Alrighty..it seems to be that time of year for shopping!! So since I am BROKE, I am going to skip ONE featured artist and make a little wish list of things I'd love to have!! So feel free to browse these stores and go shopping in my place! (and shop with me so I can do shopping!)

Here we go!

This just looks so yummy and I have no doubt it smells as good as it looks! And I SOOOOO want it!

Coffee scented Goat's Milk Bar Soap $4.99

From Oakenstone Handmade Soaps and Candles


Fun Popcorn Soap


From LoveLeeSoaps

I would love this for my son!!------------------>

Goodnight Monkey $15.00

FlutterBrush is one of my very favorite sellers and although I'm sad to see "Mama and the Moon" has sold before I could get it..I'm glad it has a home now!! :) Her work is amazing and very much worth a look!

Take one of these pieces home today!

What If You Could Fix Stupid- Men's Carolina Blue T-Shirt $20.00

whatifgear Has some really funny and unique shirts that we all think but don't say outloud!! Oh how I need this one........

Harley, Super Hero Sock Plushie Friend $10.00

I can NOT have a list without my fave sock monkey maker ElegantHobbies!!
I personally already own two monkeys and gave one as a gift but I'm lusting after this little one!!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! -------------------->

Girly Kissy Monster $12.00

from jodieflowers !
I love these!! SO creative, interesting and love this new kissy face one!!

There are SO many more that I wanted to feature but am out of room!

All pics should be clickable and please go shopping!!
Use the tags "Cafemom team" and "lartisans team" when shopping! Don't forget the Black Friday Sales!!
And of course it would be great if you want to make a few purchases from me as well!!
Mama's Little Monkeys
Fleur De Ink

Happy Shopping!!


Angel said...

Thank you for listing my Coffee Soap! I hope you get it! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there girlie, thanks for including Harley Super Hero.. You are the sweetest.. thanks.. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family..

earmark said...

that popcorn soap is too cute!

kim* said...

i think my 1 yr old nephew would eat that fabulous popcorn :)


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