Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Week's Featured Artist is...

Mountaineer Candle Company! Now I did not pick her because I am (still!) working on her new shop banners/logo.....nor because she's a member of the Cafemom Team, but because I dig her stuff! :) She very, very kindly concocted an appletini candle for me which I LOVE! It smells heavenly, looks very real and is perfect for a martini lover like me!

But that's not all the smelly greatness that is in her shop! (I mean that in a good way!)
I like to call this fella George. (Yeah, I'm REAL original!)

These are super nifty wax dipped creations that have all the smell of candles but none of the risk of the flame! Great for kids room, dorms or other non-fire friendly places!

These nifty little melts are perfect for the upcoming Turkey Day Holiday! Melt these bad boys on your tart warmer (so many jokes...) and your guests will be full of good food and yummy scents!

To find more of her great stuff please click any of the pics or visit:

Sorry no interview this time!! I've been personally and professionally busy!! :) Happy Shopping!

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sara said...

great feature artist!!!


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