Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back to Normal

Well, I became "free" from the day job mid January...However....I am JUST now getting back to normal as a series of things child got sick, I got strep throat TWICE, the school called me to sub various times, and so on. PHEW. I had a few days of slovenly days of watching the ENTIRE three seasons of Downton Abbey and crochet, which was lovely and fulfilled my need for laziness. Then came the kids off school for a week for Mardi Gras....AHHHH! So tomorrow I'm starting over...again on my WAHM life!

I've joined a gym and am enjoying working out and watching the scale go slowly down! My goal is to run for 30 minutes straight, and I'm enjoying working on that goal. I ran for 3 minutes straight twice today! WOO HOO!

New items are being listed at Badge Reels and Seaux Comfy including fun new mylar reels and some super cute new ruffle scarves perfect for cool spring nights! The girls and I are writing again over at Real Housewives Of Nola and we have some new faces! Come meet them and stay up to date with our shenanigans!

The great team members over at Handmade Louisiana are making some beautiful items for spring and summer! Be sure to check out a list of our Etsy shops via our Etsy Teams profile here and please join us if you are a artisan in the gulf coast La/Ms area. I'm so proud of this group of artisans who really show the awesomeness that is my hometown and region. We pack a lot of talent down here!

It will be really nice to have my quiet back during the day. It's only a short time, but it's something I've grown to love. Seems the older I get the more of a homebody I become! I have some projects to tackle around the house, especially now that we are not relisting it to sell, I can do some things because I want them, not because it will help or hurt a sale. My craft room is getting a serious purge, hopefully starting this week. I have to accept I cannot do EVERY craft I've ever tried and streamline what I have, so I'll probably have some destash available on my facebook soon!

I hope life is great for you, dear reader, and you are staying warm as sunnier days approach us!!

~~Craft on~~

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