Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Bored

Soooooooooooo tired of hearing "I'm Bored" already. My boys are being weaned off the video games they have grown too accustomed to and are having difficulty learning to adapt. So I created a list for them to refer to. It's also helpful for me because I usually just say, "Find something to do" Well now they can concretely refer to the list.

Feel free to share :)

Bored List2


Michele Davidson said...

I am tired of it too, and it's only been a week for Kate!! Gonna steal some of your ideas on the list and add some, Kate is 15. It doesn't get any better when they get older!! LOL

Dori said...

When I was young, we never told our parents we were bored. If we did, either my mom or my aunt would give us a mop and a bucket to clean the floors or some newspapers and window cleaner to wash the windows. We would be out the door in a flash! LOL

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Oh no Michele, don't tell me that, I want to think it gets easier!! LOL

Dori, that's how i SHOULD have's my own fault for starting video games. If I could go back and undo I would!


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