Saturday, June 30, 2012

His Name is Artoo....

and he's a piggie. A brown guinea piggie.... and he's new to our house. My son has been begging for one ever since his grandmother took him to a local pet shop and he realized how cheap they were. After I explained to my son that he had to prove he could take on the care of a piggie (with major oversight by me, he is SIX after all...) he was on a mission. Saving his money, checking out books from the library. (parents, there is actually a book called "How to Convince Your Parents You Can Care for a Guinea Pig.") He did his research and when he chose piggie over video game, I figured he was ready.

So Artoo (R2D2 for you non nerds), is now an official family member. He'll be getting a buddy next week when the new babies come in, since we did NOT want to raise a gazillion baby guinea pigs, we have to wait for a male for my younger son to have. He shall be named Yoshi.

I admit, he's stinking cute. That little nose, whiskers and furry body. So cute. He's a baby so he's still getting used to us. Thankfully our dog has yet to figure out he even exists (some bloodhound she is...) He's a quiet piggie, enjoying his lettuce, carrots and oranges and can definitely get into some stuff. He's adorable. I understand the addiction now, you piggie owners....

Seriously look at that face. He's either the cutest thing ever...

or he's plotting our deaths while we's hard to tell.


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