Friday, February 10, 2012

Craft Hope Project 16: the littlest warriors

Many of you know, if you've read me any, that I have several dear friends whose children have battled or are battling cancer or another terminal illness. I am very excited to see Craft Hopes newest project, hats and bags for children battling cancer and receiving treatment.

Details can be found on the Craft Hope website here: under project 16.

I am new to crochet and I am very excited to start hooking some hats. I don't think I'll have time to sew up any tote bags but perhaps some of you will?

Will you join me in helping make some darling hats for the kiddos to wear and bags to hold goodies in? Or perhaps you can donate some goodies to fill the bags with?? See the details at the link below on how and where to donate.

The DEADLINE is MARCH 16th so please don't dwadle!!! We can do this!! Will you join me??

Here is the pattern I am using and adjusting for sizes:

There are a TON of great hats to find on Ravelry for projects like this.

If you sew, google "Simple fleece hat tutorial" and see what you find!!

Please feel free to post pics/links/blog posts if you are joining in!!

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