Monday, January 30, 2012

What's On the Hook?

Life has been busy here in the Monkey House. I've been busy getting orders out (thank you all!), dealing with family stuff, breaking up fights between the kids, and trying to set up the new home for Mama's Little Monkeys.

I've also been busy crocheting! Yarn, it's my new addiction! So here's what's on the hook this week:

Infinity scarf for my niece. (excuse the horrid was nighttime, so my natural sunlight was sleeping on the job..)

Scalloped leg warmers for a friend who's starting Roller Derby. She may be in season TWO before I finish them, but here's the start!! :)
So that's what I'm hooking this week, I'm sure I'll chain up something else too :)

Now time to hit the hay and zzzzzzzzzzzzz as my monkeys are wearing me out this week!~~


Michele of By Your Side said...

Too cool!! I so want to learn to crochet!! Taught myself to sew and knit, maybe I just need to get to it!! Knitted my daughter acouple of infinity scarves and she loves them, bet your niece will love hers!!

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

I'm slooooooooowly working on the knitting..I seem physically unable to knit unless my friend whos teaching me is sitting by me LOL.

I hope she does, its bright and sparkly :)

Babs said...

Love your choice of yarns! I must see if I can hunt down the one your using for the leg warmers. I've built up quite a collection of sock yarn - which is ironic, since I can't crochet a proper sock to save my life - but I must acquire that print for my collection!


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