Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Handmade Life....

It's no secret, I love handmade, homemade, heartmade, whatever you want to call it. If it can be made with your brain, heart, and two hands (and sometimes feet!) I like love it. So I've declared war. War against mass manufactured items.
Obviously, not EVERYTHING in life can be handmade, at least not cost effeicently. But, for this upcoming school year (2011-2012, I measure my life in school years! LOL) I declare it, The Year of Handmade.

Handmade is not new to me, nor you if you have read this blog for any length of time. It is, indeed, my livelihood, and how I make a few pennies to spend here and there. But there are a lot of things in life I take the shortcut with. And I think it's time to stop.

It will be baby steps, I'm sure. But I will let you know how things go along the way!

First Mission:
Use up all store bought laundry soap, dish soap, and cleaning supplies. This is hard since I am also a couponer and have amassed quite a stock in cleaning supplies. But I vow to use it all up and make my own healthier, cleaner, cheaper versions! It's really not THAT hard. I keep recipes and ideas organized on my Pinterest boards. I've made many of them before, but just didn't keep it up. Well, now is the time!

Second Mission:
Bake/Cook More, including stocking up the freezer with ready to go meals. Now, we only eat out maybe 1x a week. So we don't have a problem eating IN....but *I* have a problem with loving cooking. You can read about it in my latest Real Housewives of NOLA post.

So those are my first two missions for the coming months....I hope to slowly add more and share my progress. Do you have any ways you choose homemade over mass-made?

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Heather said...

I've really been trying to create more of my own handmade clothing this past year. I'm really fed up with the poor quality & workmanship of store bought clothing. It's been my goal to slowly replace those store bought items with creations of my own!


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