Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fruit Rainbow--Fun Snack for Kids

I saw something fun on Pinterest the other day and wanted to recreate. My kids do NOT eat enough fruit, so I thought I'd give this ago. The original idea pinned was for St. Patrick's day, a fruit rainbow with a pot o' gold (bananas) but it's neither March, nor do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day in our house.

So today I decided on a whim, at the grocery store, to grab the required fruits to make this little cutie.

Want to make your own?
Grab fruits in all shades of the rainbow and some whipped cream. Cut them as needed and arrange on a tray lined with wax paper (for easy cleanup!). I also grabbed some cream cheese dip for the grownups! :) I added some whipped cream clouds too.

Get some toothpicks and enjoy!
Our friend's kids were over and enjoyed the rainbow with us!

Happy eating!~~mama


Bewitching Dreams said...

What a great idea! It makes eating fruit even more fun and yummy!

Pat said...

Saw this on Pintrest and repinned it...almost too pretty to eat.

Walk in the Woods said...

I LoVe this and may well serve a variation at an upcoming dinner!

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Thanks!! It really did make it more yummy and really only took minutes to prep. They LOVED it!


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