Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fly Away Birds...Fly Away...

Well...Mother Nature did her thing, and all the baby birds have flown the nest!! One lone bird was a straggler, but he persevered and with a little coaxing from mom and dad, he joined his family in the air! It was an awesome experience for my boys to see the cycle of life and watch the birds grow. They keep asking where they are, and we look for them in our giant oak tree, (where we suspect they reside).

It was amazing how fast they hatched and grew, from the time mama bird built the nest to the birds flying away was less than 2 months. It really symbolizes how fast our own lives fly by. Here it is, nearly May. I am rocketing towards my 32nd birthday, my 'babies' are almost 6 and 3 1/2 years old! My best friend and I are talking about planning a cruise in less than 2 years to celebrate our 10 and 11 yr wedding anniversaries! Where does it really go?

I recall sitting around as a child whining about how slow time was passing. Being SO BORED that I couldn't stand it. Teen years spent agonizing when I'd "get out of this hell hole" and take over the world!! (Still working on the world domination part....)

Do we sit back in our senior years and look in the mirror, shocked to see the face worn with time? Do we still feel 20 but in an 80 year old body?? I still feel I think relatively the same as I did as a teen and college student.....does that mean I was mature then or am immature now?

It just shocks me every day how fast it goes! Enjoy it while you can, my friends!

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Heather said...

I wonder some of the same things you do. Where did the time go? I just hope by the time I'm 80 that I will have lived a happy & full life.


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