Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's Day!!

Did you notice anything different on my Badge Reels shop yesterday?? If you were observant you noticed my banner had changed!! :) It's a running joke that my shop Badge Reels, should be called Badger Eels because when people glance at it "badgereels" their mind reads it Badger Eels!! As a joke, I had a lovely friend of mine Kay, from the super talented Popincute create a hilarious banner for me based on that joke!

In case you missed it, here they are!

and my original banner, a beautiful piece of work from Studio Sien

I think Kay did a fabulous job capturing my original banners color and style while easing in the Badger Eels!!! How funny and adorable is it!?? Special thanks to Kay for her work and playing along with my joke! :)

Now I have this super fun Badger Eels banner on stand by! Whenever you see the Badger Eels banner, that means there is a special sale going on!! So check in often!!

Happy Belated April Fool's! :)


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