Monday, December 13, 2010

Impatient Craftaholic Series--Non Skid Socks

Hey gang! This one is UBER easy.

Know those nifty socks you see for sale for kids that have the little non skid things so your toddler doesn't slip and bust his teeth as he's careening through the house? Well they're cute but something you CAN make yourself.

Puffy Fabric Paint (found at just about any big box store, craft store or online. I happened to have Tulip brand on hand)
Toddler/Kids socks
Work Surface

Lay your socks so the bottom of the sock is flat on your work surface so you can easily draw with your puffy paint. (excuse my dirty socks, I just used existing socks!)

Then just dot and draw whatever you want on the bottom of your socks!

Let the paint dry 24 hours or so and that's it! Follow the instructions on the paint for washing and drying, but generally they suggest turning the item inside out when washing and drying.

Then let your child loose on a tile floor and let them run like crazy....with less slip ups!


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