Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Showdown Giveaway

In case you are unaware, this Thanksgiving's football game will be the Cowboys (Thanksgiving Tradition) against the Saints.

This is huge for my house. On top of the usual food, family and unbuckled pants....my husband is a *cough* Cowboys fan. (Yes, I STILL married him...) I, of course, am not. Considering we live on what is called the Northshore of New Orleans....it's a wee bit embarassing that he loves the Cowgirls. So, naturally I'm praying for a spanking of epic Black and Gold proportions.

So, I thought a little contest was in order! Your mission, should you choose to accept it...predict the winner of the Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints game on Thanksgiving Day. I promise NOT to hold it against you if you choose the Cowboys. I promise....

Just leave a comment here with your prediction of winner and you'll receive your choice of one of the following:

Dallas Cowboys ID Badge Holder or Keychain:

or an even more awesome, New Orleans Saints ID Badge Holder or Keychain
(with mylar buttons made by Gypsy Goods!)

If you really don't need a ID holder, You can also choose a set of ponytails such as my black and gold ponytails (with embroidery by AuntiFranni!)

You could also have a set of Dallas Cowboys ponytails, but I don't have a photo of those because well....I haven't had the heart to make a pair yet...it offends my black and gold sensibilities.... :)

So get ready to get your game on...enjoy some turkey and be sure to leave your guess in a comment on THIS post! I'll use random.org to choose the winner and announce it over the weekend!!

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eaglehawk said...

I think the Saints will win.

Walk in the Woods said...

The Saints will win. I'm a Giants fan, so I always cheer on the team opposing any that shares the Giants' conference division - especially the Cowboys after this past weekend!

Pegasus Soaps said...

I will have to go with The Saints.g

kay said...

I'm going with the Saints! I have lots of family in Dallas and
it's going to be an exciting game....but I've already informed them which team is going win ;) they'll just have to get over it!
Geaux Saints!!

Franni said...


Rachel said...

Of course the Saints will win! WHO DAT I will be part of the who dat nation glued to the TV Go Saints!

Jennifer said...

The Black and Gold will triumph again!! Geaux Saints!!! :)

Create Me A Canvas said...

Even as a Cowboys family, I am predicting the Saints. Well, because the cowboys really aren't that good.


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