Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shops on Semi-Vacation for a bit!

I know, it seems like I just did this! But ever since my real vacation back in September, I've been longing for the days when I did NOT run multiple shops. Yes, I am aware the opening of a gazillion shops is all my own doing. And I do love doing it! But some days I long for the days I sat on the sofa, played with my little boys and watched Oprah.

Well some things have changed...I no longer care to watch Oprah, and one boy is in school. But Eli will be starting Preschool Early Intervention in late January and then he'll be gone 4 hours a day! So I want to spend some time with him while he's here and then when he's in school...spend that time enjoying and creating for ME and my loved ones!

Some of my shops will remain open, here's the lowdown:

Taking a Break from:

Mama's Little Monkeys on Etsy: Will go on vacay 12/21/10. I will reopen it....eventually. I honestly don't know. It depends on how the other shops keep me busy!

Destash City on Etsy: Will go on vacay 12/21/10. Again, not sure when I'll reopen it. The inventory for that shop varies due to how much overage in supplies I buy. I've been on a mission to use more and buy less, so naturally my inventory for that is lesser than usual.

Nap Mat Covers: Will go on vacay 12/21/10. I will likely reopen in February, but whether custom nap mat covers will come back, will depend on how busy I am at that time. While I do love creating custom nap mat covers, I also have to manage my time!

Fleur De Ink: Will remain closed. It's been that way for several months and will likely stay that way...there are just not enough hours in the day! You can still learn how to make my flower pens by checking out my tutorial over yonder on the left side <------.

MicroMops on Etsy: Will go on vacation 12/21/10 or possibly sooner! Dee (the other half of Micro Mops) is due to have her 3rd child in early March, so we will reopen when we have our inventory settled and our stock up enough so she can enjoy her maternity leave in peace! Her crochet items will not be available while she's on leave, so snatch those up now!

Staying Open:

Amelia Amos Soaps: Will remain open until the stock runs out. I planned to only open Amelia Amos for a very short time. The southern heat does not do great when making/shipping soaps so I will only be open for the winter months while supplies last. Once what's made is gone, it's gone. So grab it while you can if you want them!!

Badge Reels on Etsy and Artfire: Staying open! :) Making badge reels is something I really, really enjoy. I find the button making very therapeutic and I love making someone's work day a little brighter! Keep an eye on the Artfire shop for some Black Friday deals!

MicroMops on Artfire: Will stay open with some inventory adjustments when it's time for Dee to take her maternity leave. As long as I can stay on top of things while she babymoons, it will stay open! :)

Mama's Little Monkeys on Artfire: Will stay open, although custom items like vendor aprons may disappear for a bit. :) Keep an eye on this shop also for Black Friday deals!

Destash City on Artfire: Will remain open unless things get crazy! :)

Now WHY am I rearranging/closing/going on vacation some things? I realize I've done this "reevaluating" before and I usually reopen soon because I can't help it....I start jonesing to create. But this time I plan to create---just not for the shops! And for these reasons:

1. I am a mommy first. And I never want to neglect my family or home to run shops. I love what I do, when I'm creating...because it is creating. I love having that little piece of me, that time for ME! So if cutting back on things allows me to keep my fave shops open and still create and be a mommy, then I'm happy.

2. Dee is the other half of MicroMops....she'll be having that baby before we know it, and I'll be on my own running that shop! So obviously...I need to prioritize...

3. I have a to do list of stuff to do for me, my house and my kids that is a mile long. I can't get that stuff done if I'm constantly creating, taking pics, listing, promoting, advertising, packaging, shipping for the shops. A lot of people start handmade thinking it'll be easy peasy. Um, no. You are the creator, administration, accountant, order fulfillment center, packaging and shipping department, customer service dept, branding and photography dept and more! To say its time consuming is a huge understatement!

4. I have other obligations! I run Handmade Louisiana, I'd like to volunteer more at my child's school, I'd like to volunteer more with the special needs non profit in my area, I occasionally substitute at local schools, and I run other blogs than this one....all that takes time!

That is the beauty of running your own online can take a break, come back when you want, and quit when you want! I realize how fast time is flying and I need to do what I can, when I can...and that is why!

I hope this makes sense and doesn't seem wishy washy. Trust me, I'm not going anywhere....I'm just cutting back which my friends have told me to do for a year now! I'm just finally listening....


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