Friday, March 5, 2010

Uploading pics, FINALLY

So, this whole full time job thing is really cramping my handmade style....darn those pesky kids and need for health insurance....

:) So I'm getting around to uploading some nifty pics...unfortunately no real sewing has been done as of late, but I could NOT contain myself and I did take pics of recent fabric arrivals and some buttons I HAD to make just to get some craftiness out...

My Thank you card business card holders I did a couple of weeks ago. They are not NEARLY as awesome as my bud PocketfulofSunshine, but they'll do until I can get more from her!

Just sharing how I package my swiffer pads when possible :) Been trying to perfect the packaging!

Harrison's Mario hat we got for a trade!

Fabric Love Commence:
Moda Charm Packs

I cannot wait to use these..the awesome birdbath print, The Saggy Elephant cotton and Michael Miller Zoo!

"Be a Man" cotton, Birds, Retro Toys, and this super cute Bunny cotton

More Charm Packs..nom nom nom

I haz a little pwoblem wid da buttons... I can't stop.

They're not even photographed or listed. Some may be badge reels, some may be magnets, pushpins, etc. I couldn't stop myself.... I had to do them...

And some yo yo's and more buttons...

Thanks for taking a peek, I thought I'd share what little I've been doing. I'm so out of whack with the full time job, I have no idea how often I'll be able to sew. Sewing Sundays I guess! :)

Soooo what's new with you?


~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Luv your new fabs Amy! My hat is off to you girlfriend, for fitting as much in as you do! Carry on!
Cindy AKA Sew AKA Adopted Mom

c said...

drool. Need I say more?

TiLT said...

my keyboard is now wet - thank you :P

Sherry said...

Hi I'm trying to find your email address but I can't find it. I talked with my boss about you Your sons point of view and Mom here now and she did ask to see them and I said I had to make sure it was OK with you to use them. my email address is I'm not sure if or what we can do with them. I can let you know when we decide. But I was so touched with them both I would love to share them with others. Thansk again.

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

What fun! And I gotta say - I chucked at the buttons, buttons and MORE BUTTONs! Believe me when I say that I get caught in similar jags! :D


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