Friday, October 30, 2009

My Little Piece of Heaven is DONE....

So, my journey into minimalism is going well! I have given away probably 100 dollars or more worth of items on and have more to get rid of! We have successfully merged the boys into one room and they LOVE it. I personally enjoy the giggles I hear at nite before they fall asleep. It's hard to go in and remind them to go to sleep when they're so darn cute. By purging their toys they can now appreciate the ones they have. Max the fish is STILL alive and well. (So far!) and my sewing room is nearly complete!! The only things left are to make some nifty wall art for the wall and to get to work!!


I cannot wait to get to work! :)

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Birdwell said...

I SOOOO need to do this! Both Jamey and I are pack's hard for me to throw this out because WHAT IF I miss it/need it. But I desperately want to's driving me NUTZ!

Take for instance Jamey's stetson cologne: he has 9 bottles of cologn and aftershave (he gets them as gifts). He uses it maybe twice a year. So I am warring with myself: it's clutter we don't need it, toss it! BUT BUT it's wasting perfectly good cologne! Sigh. Let's not even get into his coke memorablia or comic and cards collection he never touches.

And really when I think of purging: I think only in terms of HIS stuff. As far as I am concerned I do not have ENOUGH books or yarn.


Anyway YOU are inspiring me.


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