Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oops, been awhile..

So I fell off the blogging wagon again... Ok so it's only been 8 days but that's a long time in blog world! :) Life has been a tad busy the past week or so.

For starters, my youngest son Eli, was diagnosed with autism. Mild, but still. I was not surprised,but now I must refocus my life and work on helping him overcome this. While this is not a post to debate the ins and outs of autism, I personally do believe autism is a neurological autoimmune disease greatly affected by several factors including, genetics, vaccinations, toxins, environment and pure blind luck. I also firmly believe in the power of healing and God, and trust that I will work my tookus off to save my baby. In the one week on the gluten free diet, he's already uttered mama, which is a word I've not heard in months.

We are also going out of town for a bit in October so I need to prepare for that, and also get ready for some possible craft shows in the coming months.

My life is always mommy first, handmade artisan second, but I'll do my best to keep up!



YoursTruli said...

sending my best thoughts your way :) There are so many wondetful autism groups you can join for help, information and support try checking for ones in your area.

storybeader said...

wishing the best for Eli and you. {:-Deb


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