Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Camping We Will Go....

Okay, so perhaps camping is a term used loosely in my home. My version of camping involves a cabin with air conditioning, heat, fully equipped kitchen, baths and nice big beds. Sure, call me a wuss, I don't care.

It is time once again for my annual pilgrimege away from home. I'll not bore you with religious details, but once per year, around fall time (dates are set by the Hebrew calendar) we leave our homes to go to an appointed place (decided by our ministers) and dwell in 'booths'. This is the Feast of Tabernacles. Times have changed, we don't actually dwell in 'booths' now, although if you wanted to you could. But the point is to leave your home for 8 days and meet with fellow brethren, and live a life that pictures what God's kingdom will be like.

Okay enough religious talk...I've probably bored you or confused the heck out of you. Google it, you're on your own.

Whilst I look forward to this trip EVERY year with avenegence (we call it "The Feast" for short), and Harrison has learned to get excited can't help but notice it is MOM who gets everything ready. Short of doing repairs on the cars and picking up the heaviest of is I who must gather, launder, pack, prep, purchase, organize and just make it all happen. (I see Tim Gunn in my head as I do this....."shoving one week's worth of toddler clothes into a tiny bag? Make it work!")

But Mommy puts on her mommy cap and gets it done. Despite not feeling her best (what mommy really gets a day off when she's fighting off a cold?) Mommy gets it done....eventually.

So, I shall likely disappear come Thursday into the vortex of packing. Thankfully things are already laundered and I only need to pack and prep our grocery list of things to buy upon our arrival. We are REALLY excited about the cabin because until this year we've always had tos tay in hotels. Now when you're a kid, hotels are FREAKING AWESOME. Not so much when you're a grown lady sharing it with a preschooler and a toddler who do NOT sleep in. So we are very, very, very happy at the prospect of the boys IN THEIR OWN ROOM. Sigh. Ahhhh. Relax with me now. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sure they'll awake at dawn probably but after 8-9pm, they'll be in THEIR room and the hubs and I can relax, retire and enjoy each other in the quiet peace of the woods.

Woods....I probably should've read a field guide or something concerning the woods...... despite my growing up the daughter of the countriest of all country men...I am totally useless in the woods. Seriously, I'd probably be bear meat in an instant. I sure hope there are park rangers.....

My rambling point is this....I will miss you my faithful readers (and those who keep forgetting to unsubscribe and don't really want this drivel in their inbox) and my dear online friends. Come Friday afternoon at 3pmish, I am OUTTA HERE! (Please don't come rob  me though, my doggy has trouble digesting large body parts and we can't afford the vet bill.)

I want ya'll to behave yourselves, revel in the changing seasons and enjoy life!!

Because I'll be back to torment you on the 12th---and may check in on occassion when we venture to civilization...pretty sure there's no wifi in the woods.....

Peace, love and chicken grease!


Jonie said...

Ohhh you and the kids will love the woods, Davin does.
He is currently awaiting the next week and a half to pass to camping with his grandpa, in the back yard at grandpa's but it is still camping. They have plans for a hot dog roast and smores. And the best part is I am not allowed. LOL. Or so he says. And although we are a pitch a tent and rough it with only a fire and no power kind of campers, we wish you the best of times and enjoy your festival of booths, and honestly I know what you are talking about without googling it, I feel all sorts of nerdy now. LOL. Have fun.

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Hope you have a great time and can carve out a little relaxing time for "Mama" and/or Mama and Hubs!
Be safe traveling!

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

YES I forgot best part is our friends will be there so we've agreed to swap babysitting so mommy and daddy get a NITE ALONE!


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