Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Week's Featured Artist is...

Hopscotch Square! Not only is she a fellow Louisianian...her stuff is just downright cute! I am now drooling over girl items wishing I could get away with putting my boys in this apron:

Do you think my husband would be mad?

Now this I would love just for me!! A Therapy Hot or Cold Bag! Genius!

 I REALLY wish I had a girl.......this is just downright slaptastically adorable!!

A hanger for hair bows!! How cute and smart!!! And I am digging the cherries!!

All pics are clickable, so please click away and go show her some love!!

She was also kind enough to answer some questions for me!

  • What type of items do you sell? Children's Clothing and Accessories
  • What is your FAVORITE item to make? Girls Dresses
  • How and Why You got started on Etsy? I ran out of room in my daughter's closet for all of the clothes I was making her. So I thought I would share!
  • One piece of advice for an Etsy Newbie: Pictures! Definitely worth 1000 words! Make every bit of it count.
  • What is on your wish list as a buyer and seller? As a buyer, to have Christmas shopping done early for once (yeah, like that's gonna happen, but you said WISH)and as a have so much business I have to hire someone to help! =)
  • Tell us a little about your non Etsy life: Stay-at-home mom of two kids. I worked retail for about 11 years before quitting so I think it helps me a lot with Etsy. I never have time for movies anymore, but I watch House and Bones faithfully every week! I don't really get to listen to adult music anymore since my 3 yr old has discovered kids music. Very busy life between preschool, home, kids, and Etsy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!
  • Where else can we find you?
(and hopefully as of tonight


Anonymous said...

Hopscotch Square!

Adorable, Colorful items!

What a great review of a fantastic seller!

Cozy Cabin Creations said...

woot woot. Great seller, great items!!!

Hopscotch Square said...

Aww..such a sweet review! Thanks!


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