Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Featured Artist is....

Angie's Crafts!
Again, I apologize for my not doing this sooner! I tell you, I really do not know where my time goes! I had no idea Etsy shops would eat up so much time online--not even counting the creating time!

Without further ado...before the baby wakes up....
I had a few questions for Angie!

Where can we find your awesome work?

What do you sell? A variety of items such as, jewelry, scrapbook items, and glycerin soaps.

What is your FAVORITE item you make: Hmmm.....that's hard to say! I like so many different things that's why my shop has such a variety!

How and why did you get started on Etsy: How? I don't really member how I found out about Etsy to be honest! Why? I figured I'd try to start selling the things I like to make so everyone else could enjoy them as much as I do!

Do you have any advice for an Etsy Newbie: Hmmm.....I'd have to say just stick with it and don't give up especially if you're not selling a lot. It takes time and a lot of promoting!

Let's go shopping! What's on your wish list, as a buyer and a seller?: As a seller, to sell more! LOL As a buyer, to buy some Christmas presents soon!

Tell us a little about your non etsy life! (family, job, music, movies, etc) I'm a married WAHM/SAHM mom of 2 boys ages 8 & 10 1/2. I like a variety of movies & music. I enjoy dancing, scrapbooking, camping, and spending time with my family.

Where else can we find you? Cafemom page is,

Myspace is,

Indy Mojo is,, I think that's it!

Take a look around and visit her shop! All pics will link you to the item!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Thanks for featuring me, this is my first time! Yayy me!

flygal61 said...

What a very nice feature for Angie's Crafts! I checked out her site and am going back to look around some more. Lovely!
Karen of
Baby's Own Room


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