Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Homeschooling--It's Not Always Pretty

Hello all! I know I'm a sporadic blogger, because, well, life happens. I don't get paid to blog so I squeeze it in when I can! But I noticed something as of late....

With the surge in homeschooling across the nation due to a variety of reasons, I see the growth just in Facebook groups alone. I see a lot of posts from new homeschoolers with a mixture of excitement, fear, and nervousness. I saw this awesome post today from a great lady named Tavia about not throwing in the towel. Check it out on her blog here.

I also wanted to add this...

It's not always pretty. Despite what you see on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, homeschooling is not always pretty. It's not always awesome field trips, cool projects, and neatly organized binders. Houses are not always (or ever) clean, children are rarely consistently obedient, and moms are rarely as awesome behind the screen as they are on it.

I do not mean to imply homeschooling parents are not amazing creatures who are worthy of our respect. They very, VERY much are. As are ALL parents who get up each day, take care of their children and the gazillion other things they must do.

But it's not always the picturesque, Pinterest worthy scene you may see. Here's what it often may be:

  • Stick-to-it-ness. Even the veteran homeschool mom changes her mind on curriculum, classes, and approaches. There's no shame in this, she just realizes something's not right and makes adjustments. It's not wrong, and do not feel shame for it!
  • Art? Are you kidding me? Does drawing on a napkin while we wait for dinner count? Glitter? Get thee away from me!!
  • The messy house. Look, I know there are some women who can keep a house perfect, be crafty, homeschool the kids, cook from scratch dinner, and volunteer in the community. Well, I have to give up some of that because I cannot do it all. I prefer to volunteer, homeschool, and do crafts like crochet and knitting because really world, it's for your safety that I get yarn time. Clean house? Perfect dinner? Haha!
  • Super obedient children. If you figure this one out, you let me know. I've learned to settle for moderately obedient, independent thinkers who can argue with the best of them. I pray their debate skills will pay off one day in adulthood. 
  • Being patient all the time. My husband says I am the MOST impatient person he's ever known. So I think I deserve major kudos for being able to handle this for 18 months now. You will not always be patient. No one is.
  • Socialization overkill or underkill. Either of these can happen. Don't commit to too many activities and don't become a hermit either, or you will become a cliche'! It's okay to adjust this, I promise we all do.
So, whether you are new on this journey with us, or an old hat...don't worry....it's okay to sing "Frozen" for the one millioneth time and LET IT GO!

Other great blog posts on the subject so you know you are not alone:

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