Monday, September 8, 2014

Traveling Through History with Doctor Who--Win a copy!

I've been very busy the past few weeks getting ready for a new school year, getting started in our new semester of homeschool co-op and oh, writing an entire semester of a history curriculum! What started as a simple idea to make history more fun (and to use an excuse to rewatch a bunch of Doctor Who episodes) turned into a huge project that I am loving!

I have put together a full semester history course for the Doctor Who fan! Now, I like to call it a supplement, because I do not want the pressure to be someone's sole history resource. Also, the state laws vary, so it is up to each family to look and decide how much more they need to do with this course. But the potential to really dig deep is there.

So what is it? Allow me to explain! There are several aspects.

  1. Traveling Through History with Doctor Who is a for purchase PDF download of the entire curriculum. It contains 12 weeks/1 semester of material. You can purchase the curriculum through my Teachers Pay Teachers site. This curriculum has weekly episodes for your student to watch, and then activities to complete, research to do, and essays to write. How involved you get is up to you. I have done my very best to vet all websites, check appropriateness of links and resources. Please preview any materials for your student.
  2. There is also an Eliademy online class you can participate in. This semester it is free and is what I call a "light" version of the for purchase curriculum. I will include many aspects from the curriculum in the class, but not all of them. The Eliademy class is all self lead. There are discussion forums to discuss your student's work, talk about the episode, ask questions, etc. But I do not formally grade anything. There is one Graded class but it is currently full. You may join the class here: but you will need to sign up for an Eliademy account. If you are a parent and would like to follow along, you will need to either work with your student on the same account, or sign up for separate accounts. In the spring more options will be available, including a paid, full course that will include the above PDF in the course price. The Eliademy course is NOT a requirement of the download and vice versa.
  3. A Facebook group is also available to socialize, share ideas, discuss Doctor Who and all it's fandoms, and connect with our families. Again, this is merely a resource, NOT a requirement for either the Eliademy or the download curriculum.
So how you use these options are totally up to you! I've created them to be used separately, together or aspects of it used together. The Doctor Who fan community is an awesome group of people and to me, it really is a great motivator. It is loved by children and adults, it knows no political, religious, racial or cultural bounds. Doctor Who can connect a wide variety of people. Learning history in this way is a wonderful way to encourage children to explore their world and past. History doesn't HAVE to be boring!!

Traveling Through History with Doctor Who is designed for students in 6th grade and up. The reason for this is the topics dealt with such as war, death, and ethical/moral dilemmas can be harsh and difficult. History isn't always pretty. However, I do also have a companion (hehe) program called Little Whovians for younger students. I encourage you to look them both over and decide which one is best for your student. A free sample of TTHWDW is on my TPT store and is completely free. Little Whovians are also free and will always be free. They are uploaded per lesson and can be used totally independent of the main curriculum.

So, now for the fun! How would you like to win a copy of the download PDF curriculum? Well, check out this RaffleCopter giveaway and enter to win! Super easy ways to enter and get your hands on this awesome curriculum for FREE!

Please share to your Whovian friends!



Theresa Babylon said...

I love this curriculum already!

Favorite Doctor and favorite companion are difficult to pinpoint and it probably largely depends on my mood. Most often I would say Ten and Rose, I'm a sucker for a good love story. I'm a huge Nine fan though and LOVE River Song and Donna. :)

Aimee Buchanan said...

Thank you for this curriculum. We love history and Doctor Who, so this was a great match up for us.

Ya know, Peter Capaldi is really growing on me as the Doctor. Nine was my first Doctor, and obviously the best, but Twelve might make a good stand for himself. :-)

Amused with our chaos said...

We are so excited about this! Watching the Doctor on his adventures has sent us off in many directions learning about Churchill and Shakespeare, for instance. We are a house divided on favorite Doctors, and the new season looks fantastic. Decisions! ;o) We're all looking forward to the class. :o)

SNeumy said...

It's so fun to share this curriculum with my 14 year old daughter, who otherwise has been independent in her recent studies. Thanks for giving us something more to connect these two Whovians.

jbtopanga said...

You might also enjoy the article, "History Meets Fiction in Dr. Who 'The Fires of Pompeii" on the Cambridge Journal Blog. It's written by an archeology professor.

amber said...

Doctor Who is one of the few things that my dd and I both like. Our favorite doctor is Tennant. Looking forward to digging more into history with the Doctor.

Jamie said...

My favorite Doctor is Ten, but I love Nine as well. I don't think we got enough of him. Martha is my favorite companion. The whole family is excited about adding this to our homeschool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing all of this! We are huge fans! My favorite Doctor is 10 and my favorite companion is Donna Noble. My hubbie and I are fans from the old days. Both of us grew up watching Tom Baker on PBS.

Adrienne said...

We are SO EXCITED to be doing the Eliademy class and discussing Dr. Who on Facebook. We are crazy obsessed with all things Dr. Who :). Thanks for all of your hard work for all of us Whovians!

jrbeutin said...

You had me at "doctor" :)

Jo said...

We love the free curriculum so far and appreciate you creating it. We are Tenth Doctor fans here and while we love the relationship between 9, 10, and Rose.... Donna is our favorite companion. She's so cheeky!

Barbara Riley said...

Very cool! Looking forward to participating and helping my children learn some history in a fun way.

Jennifer Cesario said...

You can't imagine how happy I am to have found you! Although my 7 yr old is too young for this one, we will be getting it to use in the future!

Radonda said...

My daughter is loving the "lite" version of the curricula. She is working on her minecraft volcano now! thanks for your creative work!

Angela Springer said...

I am so excited about this! My kids are going to LOVE it!

Tina Hollenbeck said...

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