Sunday, December 29, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern: Converse Slipper Socks

I saw these floating around the interwebs and could NOT find a proper pattern in English. So I found a pattern in Finnish and I decided to wing it based on pictures, my feet and basic stitches. This is NOT a finalized pattern, it is being tested and honestly it's a variable pattern....much will depend on your foot size, yarn type, crochet tension, etc.
You can see the original pattern that inspired these here:
I could not get it to translate properly, so this is my best interpretation.

You can download the pattern via Ravelry. 

Please feel free to let me know any errata, suggestions, tips, etc! This pattern is meant to be more of a guide and it is understood you have a basic knowledge of crochet terms, patterns, and techniques.

View via Scribd or through this link:

Women's Size 6-9 or view via:

Enjoy! I'd love to see your creations!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, i love these Chucks slippers. Just a question, for the sole part, do we increase at the edges as we go along the foot like we did at the tongue section so that they kind of wrap around the sides?


Amy said...

Honestly, that's going to depend on your foot size and how tightly you crochet. I found myself adjusting them each time I made a new pair because feet are, well, just unique! LOL I liked to err ont he side of caution and increase the sole to wrap up some, but don't go too much or it'll overlap the tongue part. Happy Hooking!

Erica Jayme said...

In the pattern it doesn't mention widening the tongue, is that a mistake?

Amy said...

Hmm, i tried to document pattern as best as possible. I dont recall widening the tongue much because the sides of the "shoe" overlap the tongue. If you feel it needs to be wider, you can increase stitches on the tongue.

Floy Fillpot said...

Hi. Did you wide n the heel/back?

Amy said...

I did not, but I have narrow feet.


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