Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nikon Quality Time

Life has been busy with homeschooling, being out of town and life as usual. But my trusty Nikon is usually not too far away and I have been able to snag a few good shots!

 The sunsets in Gulf Shores, Alabama are AMAZING!

 Snapped this one while the hubs drove 45 mph over the bridge...not to shabby!

My deep thinker...

 8 years old!

 Our last sunset in Orange Beach!

Then we came home and enjoyed a quiet afternoon at Camp Salmen Nature Center. Beautiful!

 Tree bark.

 Finally snapped some bees working hard!

 Some pretty purple berries. No clue what they were.

 Beautiful yellow flowers perfect for fall!

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Hope you enjoyed some of my little photos!! Happy Fall!

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