Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Homeschool Themes--Angry Birds

We are just a TAD bit obsessed with Angry Birds here, as are many other families, I assume. Along with our planned homeschool activities I want to do themes since I loved doing themes when I taught preschool. So we'll be doing some fun theme activities in between our 'regular' work.

**Angry Bird Printables to color, cut and play with. We already love printing angry birds, coloring them and cutting them out, but these are great for painting paper plates or using balloons and adding the face pieces to. Find the pieces here.

**This blog has a great AB pre-k and Kindergarten pack that Eli will work on while Harrison does his work. Find the printables here.

**Angry Birds Science: This site has some great stuff about the science of Angry Birds, which may be over Eli's level but Harrison may enjoy. Angry Birds is all about physics after all!

**Angry Birds Math: This is a cute way to use those unix cubes. Now Eli already pretended the cubes were various angry birds characters when we first got them, so I may not even need to add the pictures to the cubes!

**Angry Birds Pom Pom Art: Use pom poms the colors of the angry birds and clear contact paper to create your own AB level!

**Pronoun activity for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.

**Eli will like these Connect the Dots that are great for fine motor.

**These lacing cards are great for fine motor too, use a hole punch to make the holes, then let your child lace them with yarn or string. (laminating the circles prior to lacing will make them easier to manipulate.

**Not sure if we will use these articulation games, but what a great idea!

**Great idea for introducing the "Main Idea" of a passage.

**This writing sheet can help be a great story starter or even a way to discuss emotions.

**More great math freebies here as well.

I'm sure there are many more to be found and I would love to find an Angry Birds Star Wars activity pack. I  may just have to make one, because that's what MY boys are obsessed with!

~~Thanks to all the creative bloggers out there who gather this stuff up!


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