Monday, May 20, 2013

Meal Planning

I am TRYING to get a handle on meal planning. I've done dinner planning for some time now, but as we started homeschooling, it became very apparent I needed to stay on top of breakfast, lunch and especially snacks! With two growing boys they want to eat a LOT but they don't want my options. However, they are pretty good at sticking to things that are planned out, so I'm attempting the BLS Meal Plan, so they know exactly what is for each meal and snack. Right now I've only done one week that repeats, because they are very picky and have a very limited palette! I'm attempting to change that as we do, I will expand the menu.

They are always welcome to have more fruits and veggies not listed on the menu if they are not satisfied with what's available.
Here is the menu if you wish to use it for inspiration. I used Open Office to create it as I could not find one I was satisfied with to edit online!
If you cannot see the PDF, click the link here:

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