Sunday, January 13, 2013

Growing it out for Merry Update!

Okay, so I ended up NOT taking pics of my hair growth...sorry...but it's ALMOST time to cut it! You can find the original post here: and if you wish to donate still, you can, once I cut I will be contacting anyone who said they'd wish to donate. It's totally okay if you can't! Maybe you can crochet a chemo cap or a scarf and send it to a local cancer center? Make a gift basket for someone fighting cancer? Offer to watch their kids? There are tons of things you can do!

My hair is alllllllllllllmost long enough to cut, but I want to give it a little wiggle room so the stylist can have some room to work with. I'm so ready!!!! I'll be donating to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program in Merry's name. I'll definitely post pics when it's time!!


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